QMC 910 Quick Change Discs for Stainless steel, High alloy steel

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Ceramic Al. oxide
Coating Close
Stainless steel
High alloy steel

QMC 910– Quick Change Disc for stainless steel and high-alloy steel

The abrasive disc QMC 910 is specially designed for challenging jobs. Its extremely high removal rate truly pays off on

  • stainless steel and
  • high-alloy steel.

This abrasive disc embodies continuously aggressive abrasive properties during use. Its multibond allows for cool grinding during work on stainless steel. The combination of these singular features translates to excellent results, winning over hobby craftsmen and professional users alike. The product is the perfect option for all users who attach great importance to completing their work fast and are unwilling to compromise on the quality of the surface finish.

Ceramic aluminium oxide for ultimate stock removal performance

This highly advanced abrasive delivers a high removal rate on stainless steel and high-alloy steel. The quality of the ceramic aluminium oxide used for this product even lets users process materials that are exceedingly hard. The microcrystalline and self-sharpening ceramic grain ensures impeccable grinding results under the most varied conditions. Another benefit is the large selection of types Klingspor offers for the abrasive disc QMC 910. Available in a wide variety of grit sizes, the disc is an excellent match for various different applications. Users can easily complete jobs involving both fine and coarse sanding.

QMC with plastic inside thread for a secure connection

The connection is made by positioning the Quick Change Disc with its plastic locking on the backing pad and by screwing it in place with the help of the interior threaded shaft of the backing pad. Apart from being extremely secure, this connection can also be established in one simple step. This simplicity cuts down set-up times and makes this product exceptionally versatile. The disc can be combined with any ordinary angle grinder. Customers can purchase the Klingspor-engineered adapter QCA 555 as an accessory to fit the disc on an angle grinder. This adapter makes it a snap to mount the abrasive disc on all standard angle grinders.

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