A 546 AC ACCU Kronenflex® grinding discs for Stainless steel, Steel, NF metals

Class Accu
Service life
Stainless steel
NF metals

The Kronenflex cutting-off wheel and grinding disc for versatile use

No matter with which cordless grinder it is paired, the A 546 AC ACCU Kronenflex cutting-off wheel will fit on any standard machine and offer quality that has been optimised for cordless handheld angle grinders. The wide-ranging application options of this wheel include work on

  • steel,
  • stainless steel and
  • NF metal.

Cutting with the Kronenflex A 546 AC ACCU

This product stands out with its enormous versatility. This wheel makes it a breeze to cut through a large variety of different materials. The wheel is made distinct by its high aggressiveness and long service life. One wheel will last for a large number of cuts.

Even stainless steel poses no challenge

When combined with the right cordless grinder, this product turns the chore of cutting such tough materials as stainless steel into a joy. The high aggressiveness of the special abrasive grain and the flexible material composition of the product provide for results of impeccable quality. Representing a major benefit of this wheel, the ability to mount it on a cordless angle grinder affords the user a host of application options. Cutting a variety of materials – the A 546 AC ACCU wheel always delivers maximum power – even without a power outlet.

Stringent safety and quality standards

All Kronenflex wheels engineered by Klingspor meet the strictest standards of safety and quality. The products also comply with all provisions and DIN standards. What is more, the synthetic grain Klingspor uses for their products guarantees long service life thanks to its unvarying qualities. The Kronenflex cutting-off wheel A 546 AC ACCU is recommended to every craftsmen - whether they are hobbyists or professionals.

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