A 24 R/36 Special Kronenflex® grinding discs for Stainless steel

Free of iron, sulfur and chlorine
Class Special
Bonding agent Synthetic resin, fibre-reinforced
Grain Aluminium oxide
Service life
Stainless steel
Nuclear industry
Railing construction
Stainless steel processing industry

The seasoned expert for the nuclear industry: the Kronenflex grinding disc A 24 R/36 Special

The Kronenflex grinding disc A 24 R/36 Special has been designed especially for use in the nuclear industry. Thanks to the dense quantity of aluminium oxide (Al2O3) grain, makes this wheel the perfect tool for work on stainless steel. It has a medium bond hardness, this product is primarily intended for professional users on account of its exceedingly high removal rate.

Coarse grinding with pinpoint accuracy: Aluminium oxide with a synthetic resin bond

The balanced ratio of removal rate to life time present in all Kronenflex grinding discs is a achieved by the bond made of synthetic resin. These properties keep the aluminium oxide safely in place for a long time, allowing the user to target specific areas while grinding and, ultimately, produce a better finish. Since it is reinforced with additional glass fibre mesh , the A 24 R/36 Special offers improved stability and affords the user an exceptionally long service life. These attributes make it the tool of choice for finishing weld seams, allowing it to excel at deburring or coarse grinding workpieces made of stainless steel.

Great versatility that satisfies established safety standards

The A 24 R/36 Special can be combined with electric or pneumatic angle grinders operating at a circumferential speed of no more than 80 m/s. In addition to the nuclear industry, its field of application extends, first and foremost, to steel and plant construction as well as all areas requiring the deburring, grinding or chamfering of stainless steel. This Kronenflex grinding disc is free of iron, sulphur and chlorine, tested according to oSa guidelines and compliant with the provisions of European safety standard EN 12413. These are the characteristics that make the A 24 R/36 Special also particularly appealing to industrial and commercial businesses.

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