C 24 RA Special Kronenflex® large cut-off wheels for Asphalt

Class Special
Bonding agent Synthetic resin, fibre-reinforced
Grain Silicon carbide
Service life
Construction above and below ground
Road building

Kronenflex large cutting-off wheel C 24 RA Special for asphalt

The Kronenflex large cutting-off wheel C 24 RA Special by Klingspor has been optimised for heavy-duty professional work on

  • asphalt,
  • stone, and
  • concrete.

Klingspor offers this product in their Special performance class. This category is comprised of high-performance products for special applications that are made distinctive by their excellent cutting performance. The Kronenflex large cutting-off wheel C 24 RA Special relies on a blend of materials that has been optimised for asphalt and keeps the wheel from loading.

Powerful product for professional users

The Kronenflex large cutting-off wheel C 24 RA Special has been designed for use with petrol driven saws / cutters. These machines should be operated at a cutting speed of 80 m/s. Klingspor makes the Kronenflex large cutting-off wheel 24 RA Special available in different diameters to ensure compatibility with every type of application. Each wheel comes with its own maximum permissible speed specifications. The user should operate the C 24 RA Special up to but not exceeding the maximum safety and efficiency during cutting.

Cutting-off wheels of the highest quality class

The Kronenflex large cutting-off wheel C 24 RA Special affords the user professional quality and performance as a result of its perfectly matched blend of premium raw materials. This applies equally to the selected grain and the bond as well as the reinforcing inserts made of glass fibre cloth. The grain used by Klingspor is the product of a synthetic manufacturing process that guarantees uniform quality for an extended period. Another aspect to which Klingspor attaches primary importance is the safety of their products. They have all been tested according to oSa guidelines and comply with European safety standard EN 12413. The user should make sure to subject the Kronenflex large cutting-off wheel to radial loads only in order to achieve optimum performance and ensure the safety of the wheel.

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