DO 900 B Special Ring segment for Concrete

Suitable for wet use
Class Special
Segmentation Standard
Design Laser welded
Service life
Heating, plumbing

A top-notch replacement – the Klingspor ring segment DO 900 B Special

With the ring segment DO 900 B Special Klingspor offers a replacement ring segment for the diamond tool DR 912 B Special. It stands up to the most demanding tasks and cuts

  • concrete smoothly and reliably even under heavy-duty use.

The ring segment DO 900 B Special is included in Klingspor's 900 product line. This means that it has been engineered to deliver top performance under extreme strain. It effortlessly satisfies all requirements demanded of professional tools used in road building as well as construction above and below ground.

Drill stand or off-hand: Exceptional results with the ring segment DO 900 B Special

The replacement ring segment DO 900 B Special is an excellent choice for fast cutting. Possessing the high aggressiveness necessary to effortlessly cut holes into reinforced concrete, it also offers excellent service life. The risk of unexpected wedging or jamming is eliminated almost completely. These properties make the ring segment DO 900 B Special equally ideal for use on a drill stand and for off-hand use with a drilling machine. To replace old with new, the worn ring segment is removed, and the new replacement ring segment DO 900 B Special is soldered on.

Innovative technology meets concrete: Diamond tools by Klingspor

Klingspor has been investing heavily in research and development to deliver only the best performance: These efforts have made it possible to boost the performance of the diamond tools dramatically. The sharp-edge and long-lasting diamond abrasive grains provide for both great efficiency and unrivalled longevity - even under permanent use on extra hard mineral-based materials. A special bond anchors the abrasive grains firmly in place and keeps them from breaking out.

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