DE 600 B Supra Individual segment for Concrete

Suitable for wet use
Class Supra
Segmentation Standard
Design Laser welded
Service life
Heating, plumbing

Aggressive on concrete – the segment DE 600 B Supra

The individual segment DE 600 B Supra by Klingspor is a replacement segment for the diamond drill bits DK 612 B Supra and DK 654 B Supra. This premium roof-shaped segment can be used for cutting at high rates of speed on

  • concrete.

To repair the diamond drill bits, you cut off the defective roof-shaped segment and solder on the individual segment DE 600 B Supra in its place. This makes it possible to replace only the parts that are actually defective instead of the complete tool. This saves cost and promptly restores the tool to operational readiness.

The powerful replacement segment for repairs of diamond drill bits

The replacement segment DE 600 B Supra provides for fast and clean cutting into concrete. This is made possible by the specially crafted bond and structure of the diamond grains. The range of possible applications offered by the diamond drill bit is not affected by the use of the replacement segment: The tool boasts the first-rate aggressiveness and service life the user requires. Better yet, the tool can still be paired with a drill stand and an electric drilling machine or a hydraulic machine. Especially users in construction above and below ground find long lifetime and high cutting speed during work on concrete desirable. The individual segment DE 600 B Supra completely restores the functionality of the high-quality drill bits made by Klingspor.

Naturally, with supreme Klingspor quality: Diamond tools made by the experts

The Klingspor corporation constantly invests in research and development to achieve and maintain the impressive efficiency of their diamond tools. The reliability with which the drill bit works its way through concrete at a consistent power output varies with the arrangement of the diamond abrasive grains, the quality of the crystalline structure and the anchoring in the drilling tool. Klingspor uses only robust abrasive grains with particularly sharp edges and a high removal rate for their diamond tools. The special shape of its edges and its exceptionally high performance almost completely prevent the individual segments DE 600 B Supra from becoming wedged or jammed.

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