DT 500 AC ACCU Diamond cutting blades for angle grinders for Construction materials, Concrete

Class Accu
Segmentation Turbo continuous rim
Design Sintered
Service life
Construction materials
Building construction
Construction businesses

Diamond cutting blade DT 500 AC ACCU

This cutting blade has been designed for use with cordless angle grinders. Its turbo rim makes it an essential tool at every construction site and ideally suited for work on

  • concrete and
  • construction materials.

Work with this diamond cutting blade is guaranteed to produce clean and chip-free edges.

Properties of the diamond cutting blade DT 500 AC ACCU

This product is a cutting blade that delivers high aggressiveness and medium service life. Its turbo rim provides for exceptionally smooth operation and evenly cut edges when used in combination with a cordless angle grinder. What is more, its regular serration keeps the blade segment from becoming stuck during cutting. The serration also leads to reduced friction, thus lowering the temperature during cutting.

Which specifications are found on the Klingspor cutting blade?

Aside from the item number, the product line and information on the manufacturer, the diamond cutting blade shows safety instructions as well as important information regarding use. The information provided also includes colour coding of the application area: Black signifies asphalt, while green stands for tiles. Blue is used to mark suitability for stone and refractory materials. Red indicates that the cutting blade can be used for concrete, while white identifies blades that are suitable for universal use. The specifications conclude with the operating speed in m/s and the maximum permissible rotational speed of the cordless angle grinder in rpm. Before mounting the cutting blade onto the cordless angle grinder, the user must ensure that the angle grinder is operated at a suitable speed. An arrow indicates the rotational direction of the blade with the turbo rim.

Working safety with the diamond cutting blade DT 500 AC ACCU

Personal protective equipment always comprises gloves, protective goggles and hearing protection. Before being clamped into the cordless angle grinder, the cutting blade must be inspected for damage. Damaged diamond cutting blades must no longer be used. The user must observe the correct running direction when mounting the blade. Is the hole diameter correct? Is the flange aligned properly? It should be possible to mount the blade with minimum force. A diamond cutting blade is intended exclusively for cutting at moderate feed rates. The blade must not become wedged during work.

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