DS 600 GF Supra Diamond cup grinding wheels for angle grinders for Granite, Hard stone

Suitable for dry use Turbo segment
Class Supra
Segmentation Turbo
Design Brazed
Service life
Hard stone
Gardening and landscaping
Natural stone businesses

The Klingspor diamond cup grinding wheel DS 600 GF Supra – for granite and other types of hard stone

Using the diamond cup grinding wheel DS 600 GF Supra with an angle grinder allows the user to produce perfect results on

  • granite,
  • hard stone and
  • marble

. Boasting a long service life, the cup grinding wheel comes with a turbo rim, which is sure to produce clean grinding results. A turbo rim is furthermore distinguished by its exceptionally smooth operation. The moniker Supra identifies the products of Klingspor's 600 line. This performance class comprises diamond tools that combine powerful and dependable performance with an outstanding price-performance ratio. These qualities make the tools of the Supra series ideal for daily use in professional environments. In addition to the DS 600 GF in fine, customers can also opt for a medium and a coarse version of this product.

The DS 600 GF Supra – can be connected to M14 threads thanks to an adapter

Klingspor makes their diamond cup grinding wheel DS 600 GF Supra for hard stone available in different diameters to ensure compatibility with angle grinders of different sizes. Also available for the cup grinding wheel is an M14 adapter. This adapter makes it possible to fit the cup grinding wheel, which has a hole diameter of 22.23 millimetres, on an angle grinder with an M14 connection. The adapter is named DZ 114 and offers compatibility with all diamond cup grinding wheels made by Klingspor.

Diamond tools by Klingspor – the result of long years of research and development

Klingspor has been committed for many years to constantly developing diamond tools further and has managed to increase the performance of their products dramatically thanks to their extensive research and development efforts. Diamond cup grinding wheels made by Klingspor are widely used in many sectors including construction above and below ground. They can be combined with an angle grinder. The necessary safety is ensured by compliance with the Europe-wide safety standard EN 13236 and by a test that is conducted in accordance with the strict guidelines established by the oSa.

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