HF 100 D Carbide burrs

Carbide burr HF 100 D – grinding of contours and deburring

There is no better tool than the carbide burr HF 100 D when it comes to the grinding of contours and the deburring of bore holes. Depending on the selected cut, the burr can be used on

  • construction steel,
  • NF metal,
  • highly heat-resistant materials , and
  • cast iron.

Engineered as a high-quality product by Klingspor, the carbide burr HF 100 D deserves a place in every do-it-yourselfer’s toolbox and is equally ideal for professional use.

Ideal for contours and bore holes

Since it has a spherical head, the burr is the perfect tool for reworking the edges of workpieces and for deburring bore holes. Its application produces smooth and precisely machined workpieces that, in most cases, can be processed further without the need for rework thanks to their clean edges and contours. Since different materials and workpiece sizes call for specific milling tools, the carbide burr HF 100 D is available with a wide selection of cuts: Cut 2, for instance, is the right choice for a perfect finish, while Cut 6 delivers a high removal rate at minimum vibrations. Since the spherical burr comes in a great number of different sizes, the user will always find the tool that is best suited for their particular application.

Optimum results at the ideal speed

Choosing the right spindle speed is imperative for all rotating milling tools as it ensures the best possible work results and a long lifetime. For safety reasons, the maximum permissible spindle speed must never be exceeded. Excessive centrifugal forces and vibrations can cause damage to the tool. Just as important as the maximum speed is the recommended speed. When operated within the recommended speed range, the carbide burr will produce its best results and last the longest.

Safety thanks to 100% inspection

Every tool made by Klingspor is subjected to a rigorous final inspection to ensure that only flawless products go into distribution. Aside from dimensional accuracy, the inspection carefully examines the welded joints.

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