CS 451 X Spirabands for Stainless steel

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Zirconia alumina
Coating Close
Backing X-cotton
Stainless steel

Klingspor spiraband CS 451 X – long service life and cool grinding

The Klingspor spiraband CS 451 X is acclaimed for its long service life and the cool grinding performance it delivers. Designed for high-alloy steel and aluminium, it offers a host of advantages:

  • Rugged cloth
  • High level of aggressiveness
  • Cooling multibond
  • Work with superior precision

The Klingspor spiraband CS 451 X combines exceptional ease of use with perfect suitability for weld seam and edge sanding applications.

Spiraband CS 451 X – aggressive abrasive performance and exceptional accuracy

The spiraband CS 451 X boasts a cloth made of X-cotton that offers unparalleled tear resistance and stability. The tear-resistant cotton backing is reinforced for extra stability. The abrasive material is made of zirconia alumina, applied with a close coating and bonded with fully synthetic resin. The abrasive material is hard, tough and self-sharpening. It stands out with its exceptionally high resistance to wear and its long service life. The spiraband combines ultimate efficiency with aggressive abrasive performance. It produces a surface finish of consistent quality during sanding.

Spiraband CS 451 X for applications requiring maximum precision

The spiraband CS 451 X is designed to deliver flawless accuracy and efficiency, e.g. when used in combination with a die grinder. The spiraband is cylindrical in form. It must be fitted to the GK 555 rubber drum.

Spiraband CS 451 X with multibond for cool grinding

The spiraband CS 451 X is coated with an additional multibond with special properties that make it ideal for sanding on stainless steel. The multibond will keep material from sticking to the abrasive, i.e. prevent the grain from vitrifying, thus eliminating the development of friction-induced heat. This quality provides for cool grinding. The processed material has a lower tendency to adhere to the grain point, ensuring a significantly higher stock removal rate during grinding or sanding. Thanks to the cool grinding process, the material will not show any heat-induced discolouration.

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