CS 310 X Spirabands for Metals

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Close
Backing X-cotton
Furniture industry
Locksmith's shop
Metal construction
Railing construction
Steel construction
Wood processing industry

Spiraband CS 310 X – tear-resistant and durable for sanding a wide range of materials

The spiraband CS 310 X by Klingspor comes with a tear-resistant cotton backing and offers a large number of benefits including

  • suitability for use on exceedingly hard materials,
  • extraordinary grain adhesion
  • unmatched stability
  • an exhaustive range of applications.

This spiraband is an excellent choice for many different materials.

Spiraband CS 310 X – for high performance and superior stability

The spiraband CS 310 X by Klingspor is equipped with an X-cotton backing that manages to impress with its tremendous stability and tear resistance. The abrasive cloth has exceptional grain adhesion. The abrasive material used is aluminium oxide, bonded with a synthetic resin. These properties make the product both hard and sharp. The spiraband is conical in shape. The comprehensive range of applications of the spiraband CS 310 X includes rough sanding, calibration sanding and ultra-fine sanding. Designed by Klingspor for dry grinding on surfaces and edges, the spiraband is recommended for use as a cloth flap in abrasive flap tools and similar applications.

Spiraband CS 310 X – offering a wide selection of use options

Engineered for use in trade and the metal and wood processing industry, the spiraband CS 310 X is a tried-and-tested tool in any engineering environment, steel and railing construction, as well as in carpentry, furniture making and parquet treatment businesses.

Spiraband CS 310 X – for a multitude of materials

The spiraband CS 310 X is an excellent option for work on steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal and plastic. It also proves to be ideal for wood - especially hardwood. Its conical shape makes this spiraband the perfect fit for sanding applications on rubber expansion drums.

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