PS 33 CK Strips with paper backing, self-fastening for Paint, Varnish, Filling compound, Wood

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Semi-open
Backing C-paper
Filling compound
Aircraft construction
Automotive industry
Craftsman companies
Wind energy industry
Wood processing industry

Highly versatile – the abrasive strips PS 33 CK by Klingspor

The abrasive strips PS 33 CK by Klingspor are the perfect tool to process surfaces with great speed and efficiency. These abrasive strips are set apart by a high removal rate and perform exceedingly well during sanding on

  • paint,
  • varnish,
  • filler and
  • wood.

Klingspor manufactures the bulk of their PS 33 CK abrasives with coarse grit sizes. This abrasive is available both in different widths and lengths and without holes as well as with hole patterns GL 15, GL 17 and GL 18.

Klingspor PS 33 CK – a great choice for orbital sanders and hand sanding alike

The abrasive strips PS 33 CK come with a hook and loop surface that allows for easy fastening to orbital sanders that have a hook and loop backing pad. They are also a fine choice for hand sanding, where they deliver excellent performance when fitted on an abrasive block with hook and loop lamination. The product is guaranteed to deliver a high removal rate thanks to its hard and tough abrasive grain. The grain on this abrasive has been applied with an open coating. The spaces created by this coating between the individual grains allow for a quick discharge of the debris, thus preventing the abrasive strips from clogging during use. An open coating is therefore best suited for such applications as sanding wood and paint, which involve high removal rates.

The outer sides – a paper backing (C-paper) and a top coat made of synthetic resin

The backing Klingspor has selected for this product is a relatively light C-weight paper. This backing makes the abrasive strips PS 33 CK an effective tool, especially for sanding jobs that do not have to rely on a backing of great strength. A typical example of such applications is surface sanding of wood and paint, filler and varnish. The top size coat consists of synthetic resin. This material is standard at Klingspor, as it is used for all abrasives produced by the company. To ensure this coat has the same thickness throughout production, it is monitored by laser technology and weight measurements taken at random. This approach ensures that the abrasive belts, abrasive strips and other types of abrasives made by Klingspor will produce surface finishes that are uniform all the time.

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