SMT 636 Supra Abrasive mop discs for Stainless steel

cool grinding
Class Supra
Grain Zirconia alumina multibond
Backing plate Glass fibre
Design Convex 6°, flat
Service life
Stainless steel
Apparatus and container manufacturing
Railing construction
Stainless steel processing industry

SMT 636 Supra - abrasive mop disc for stainless steel processing

Available with a flat and a convex design, the abrasive mop disc SMT 636 Supra is designed specifically for edges and surface work and engineered for use on such materials as

  • stainless steel.

One of its most distinctive qualities is cool grinding performance with the addition of a multibond coating. Users working with this abrasive will not have to fear that it might glaze or load. Professional users appreciate its unique edge processing capabilities just as much as craftsmen. This special product is designed for demanding tasks and achieves excellent results in practice under a wide range of conditions.

High abrasive performance, large product selection

Customers opting for the abrasive mop disc SMT 636 Supra acquire a product that combines outstanding aggressiveness with an exceptionally long service life. This unbeatable combination makes quick and thorough work of even the most demanding tasks. The abrasive uses the proven grain type zirconium and thus achieves the best results on materials such as stainless steel. Available in a variety of grit sizes and diameters, this product has been designed for motor speeds of 8,500, 12,200 and 13,300 revolutions per minute. This comprehensive selection offers the right abrasive mop disc for a wide range of common tools.

Abrasive mop disc of the Supra series

The abrasive mop discs of the Supra product line - such as the SMT 636 - are professional products that combine a high removal rate with excellent service life. Manufactured to applicable standards, these products are guaranteed to afford the user maximum safety during use. The product presented here comes with a convex backing plate. This plate lets the user grind with a narrow abrasive surface area: Due to the smaller contact area presented to the steel, this gives a much higher removal rate per unit of time. This feature is why the SMT 636 Supra is so useful for edge work and weld removal. Klingspor also carries flat versions that are best suited for flat and surface grinding. Prospective buyers can look forward to an abrasive mop disc that offers the right qualities for any field of application.

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