SMT 524 AC ACCU Abrasive mop discs for Stainless steel, Steel

Class Accu
Grain Zirconia alumina
Backing plate Glass fibre
Design Convex 12°
Service life
Stainless steel
Metal construction
Railing construction
Steel construction

SMT 524 AC ACCU - abrasive mop disc for stainless steel and steel

The abrasive mop disc SMT 524 AC ACCU is intended for work on the following materials:

  • steel and
  • stainless steel.

SMT 524 AC ACCU - the abrasive mop disc for battery-powered angle grinders

This allrounder is an equally excellent option for surface grinding and work on edges. The backing plate made of a glass fibre comes with a convex shape. The convex allows the tool to make point-by-point contact on the workpiece and achieve a higher removal rate than would be possible with a flat plate. The abrasive grain made of zirconia alumina combines high stock removal performance with outstanding service life.

Also suitable for high-speed machines

The special arrangement of its abrasive flaps allows this allrounder to also excel on stainless steel when used in combination with cordless grinders. The grinding particles made of zirconia alumina self-sharpen throughout grinding. This ensures continuous stock removal throughout the entire lifetime of the abrasive mop disc.

This is how you use the SMT 524 AC ACCU safely

Naturally, the abrasive mop discs by Klingspor comply with safety standard EN 13743 and oSa guidelines. Not only that, but they actually exceed them. Nevertheless, there are a few things the user needs to concider when working with cordless grinders. Clearly indicated on every abrasive mop disc is its maximum permissible circumferential speed. Also imperative is the maximum permissible speed of the cordless grinder, which is tied to the circumferential speed and specified in revolutions/minute.

You should strictly adhere to these speed limits

Before you fit the abrasive mop disc check and inspect before fitting it. Any signs of damage, then you must not use. There is a risk of it breaking during use or of you becoming injured by fragments flying about. You also need to refrain from working in the vicinity of combustible materials. Sparks quickly start flying during grinding on steel or stainless steel. When working with a cordless angle grinder, always wear protective glasses, a dust mask and ear protection. Work gloves are also part of personal protective equipment.

Available grits
16 24 30 36 40 50 60 80 100 120 150 180 220 240 280 320 360 400 500 600 800 1000 1200 1500 2000 2500 3000
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Diameter/Inch Bore/Inch Form Grit Vmax m/s Max. RPM Coated abrasives Type structural shape
Max. RPM
CS 455 X
Coated abrasives Type
structural shape
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